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  • Flashlight SMART warning light 6-p LED, amber, magnet, rechargeable

Flashlight SMART warning light 6-p LED, amber, magnet, rechargeable

Strands Lighting Divison

Article number: TD90009

Unit: pcs

Strands SMART varninglight 6-p in a case LED orange cover with magnet, Rechargable of course.
2 450 kr

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Product description

Smart varninglights for increased traffic security.

Vehicles that must stop at roadside in darkness is exposed to big risk. Nu lanserar SLD markets the first syncable and angle-sensitive warning light -a smart complementary tool that can save lives.

Most uses warning triangles and light pucks to warn surroundings at accidents and vehicle problems at roadside.
Strands Lighting Division (SLD) introduces product that will improve on these alternatives.
The new warninglights gives a powerful warning effect due to synchronized light function.
Lamps comes in 6-pack and can be sync with eachother, that means the light wanders between units in a flow.

Can be closed simultaniously by pressing on/off button two times quickly. A motion sensor feels the angle of the lamp and decides which lamps that will shine, which secures visibility whatever position. Diodes can also be locked to get a fixed light effect irrespective of angle.Lamp si delivered with magnet and five different flashpatterns.

Need for increased security is always issue for the people that are working in difficult places on the road , tow people, police, ambulance , road workers and service vehicles are example of these.
Every year there are at least 300 accidents with personal injuries at road work.From year 2003 to 2013 51 death accidents ocurred at road work with together 56 deceased. Six of the deceased were road workers. During years 2003-2015 there were at least 3958 acccidents with personal injuries in connection with different types of street and road work. In 31% of accidents the road workers is seen as personnel on the road. The category consist of roadworkers not vehicle. Here are work with rail assembly, traffic delimitation and inspections. (Source:Trafikverket)

 -6-pack i medföljande väska

 -Synchcronization (all warninglight canbe shut down at the same time by pressing ON/OFF-button two
times fast)

 -Rechargable (12-24V DC eller 240V AC)

 -Magnet in bottom so it easy to fasten

 -Five different flashpatterns 

 -Angle sensitive angle on unit decides which diodes shines

 -Lightspreading angle is 360 degrees horizontal and 180degrees vertically

Instruktioner : http://www.strands.se/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/TD90009-Instructions.pdf


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