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EBC Turbo Groove Brake discs rear Audi A6 4G

For: 1,8T, 2,0T, 2,0TDI, 2,8, 3,0TDI - 300mmm

Article number: EBCGD1535-A64G

Unit: pcs

Diameter: 300mm. Height: 36mm. Max/Min: 12/10mm Solid discs
3 630 kr

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Product description

EBC Turbo Groove brake discs of highest quality for you to demand higher requirements. With wide vents and blind drilled holes which are shaped to disperse heat, gases, dirt and depris to improve braking effort significantly. EBC discs materials are constructed to manage temperatures 800/900°C All EBC Groove discs has corrosion resistant black coating.

Specification on these brake discs:
Diameter: 300mm 
Height: 36mm
Max/Min: 12/10mm

Fits following models:

AUDIA6 (C7/4G)1.8 Turbo2014-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 Turbo2011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 Turbo2011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 Turbo hybrid2011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.82011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 TD2012-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)2.0 TD2013-
AUDIA6 (C7/4G)3.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 quattro (C7/4G)2.0 Turbo2014-
AUDIA6 quattro (C7/4G)2.82011-
AUDIA6 quattro (C7/4G)2.0 TD2015-
AUDIA6 quattro (C7/4G)3.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 quattro (C7/4G)3.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 quattro Avant (C7/4G)2.0 Turbo2014-
AUDIA6 quattro Avant (C7/4G)2.82011-
AUDIA6 quattro Avant (C7/4G)2.0 TD2015-
AUDIA6 quattro Avant (C7/4G)3.0 TD2011-
AUDIA6 quattro Avant (C7/4G)3.0 TD2011-

You give you car licence plate number and we double check that they are the correct brake discs for your car. Price is 1 pair of discs.


Product typeBromsskivor
  • Bak
Car brandAudi
Car model
  • A6
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
  • 1.8T
  • 2.0T
  • 2.0TDI
  • 2.0 Turbo hybrid
  • 2.8
  • 3.0TDI
Diameter (mm)300
Height (mm)36
Max/min (mm)12/10


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