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Black Plasti Paint Spray

Rims, mirror covers, grill, decor details

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Product description

Plasti Paint Standard

Works same as "Plasti Dip". It has same properties.

Same result, you apply it in the same way, very good finish

If you use this e.g. to treat wheels then it is enough with 

3 cans with up to 17 inc rims.

4 cans for 18-22 inch rims.

You should put 5-6 layers to get best result. Gives a good ed result and a good surface. You can also remove it when you want

Plasti Paint- protects, covers and seals. It is an airdried synthetic rubbercoating (Polyurethan). Keeps it high flexbility

Plasti paint can be painted on car paint or other painted /colored objects without any prep work. The color can be removed easily (like plaster/sticker) when you want to restore to original shape. This you do without leaving any traces. Also protects materials below from sundesaturation,

The perfect "Black-out" color, doesn't need any preparation other that you clean thoroughly. Spray a layer , wait 20-30 minutes, repeat a couple of times , let it harden for 4 hours.Ready! If you are not satisfied you remove it like a plaster - don't leave any marks.

  • Weather and UV resistant .
  • Elastic and odorless after drying.
  • Protects underlay.
  • Can be removed without leaving traces.
  • Soluble in Dilutant also as dry product.


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