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BC Racing coilovers - BMW E36
BC Racing coilovers - BMW E36
BC Racing coilovers - BMW E36
BC Racing coilovers - BMW E36
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BC Racing coilovers - BMW E36

Top Bearing Front/Back: Pillowball/Rubber
Artikkelinumero: 925-BCI01VA
Complete chassis kit (Coilovers) BMW E36 3 Serie Touring 1992-1997
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Trygg e-handel

Trygg E-handel

Olemme sertifioituja Trygg E-handel -standardin mukaisesti

Top bearing Front/Back: Pillowball/Rubber
These coilovers require cutting the original strut, and threading over the new strut and welding together. This is purely to get the product cost down.

Coilover kit is adjustable in hardness and height.
These coilovers have 30 positions that you can easily switch between which means it is very easy to adjust the desired height and hardness - Complete front spring struts (spring hardness: 8kg/mm) Adjustable front top bearings.
- Rear shocks and springs (spring rate: 6kg/mm) With adjustable spring plate This kit consists of high quality components with powder coated springs at a really good price.

  • Front top bearing: Pillowball
  • Top bearing Rear: Rubber
  • Front camber adjustment: Yes
  • Rear camber adjustment: No
  • Spring rate Front kg/mm: 6
  • Rear spring rate kg/mm: 8
  • TÜV Tested: No

BMW E36 3-Series Touring 1992-1997

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