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Boot mats

In this category we have gathered all the luggage compartment mats we can offer. Perfectly cut for specific car models, you simply put the mat in the car and everything is ready. Protects against dirt and stains in your boot and also makes it easier when you clean the car.

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Boot Mat Microcar / Ligier JS60

Boot Mat Microcar / Ligier JS60

  • Gledring
Rubber Boot Mat Volvo V60 II

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Trunk mats - Frequently asked questions and answers

Will the mat fit my car?

Our mats are custom-fit, which means that all you have to do is place the mat in the trunk of your car without any modification whatsoever. The fit is excellent, and the mat is stable. There is no need to cut or trim our mats at all.

Does it really help against dirt and moisture?

Yes, the mats are made of rubber or plastic depending on which model you choose, and they protect the interior from both dirt and water. In our opinion, every car should have a rubber mat in the boot of the car at least in the winter. If you have a dog or other pets, it protects against claw marks and scratches. Our mats are easy to clean.

Compared to some original mats, your mats are much cheaper, how is the quality?

Our mats are of the highest quality and comparable to any original mat. The prices are low because the manufacturing cost is low. It's great to be able to sell quality products at low prices. It benefits everyone in the end!

Are your mats fragrance-free?

Unlike some competing brands, our mats are almost completely odourless.

What is the best way to clean the mat?

The easiest way to clean your mat is simply to take it out of the car and rinse it off.

Are there mats for Volvo models?

Yes, trunk mats are available for the Volvo V70, Volvo XC60, V60 and many more!

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General info about trunk mat

Your trunk mat might not be the most exciting purchase you'll make for your car. However, what is clear is that it's one of the most important purchases for your vehicle. A trunk mat is a critical component to keep the interior of your car looking fresh and in overall good condition.

The mat is placed, as the name suggests, in the trunk. Often, it's covered by various items, and you might only catch a glimpse of it when you're loading or unloading something from your car. But what it does when you're not looking is protect your vehicle. It shields the car from moisture damage and stains that can otherwise result from the items you transport in your car. Let's say you're transporting a stroller that's recently been out in the rain and slush. Without a high-quality, dense trunk mat, water and dirt could cause significant issues. And this, just from a single trip in the car.

The trunk mat doesn't only protect the car, ensuring you avoid these problems. The mat also preserves the resale value of the vehicle. If you ever plan on selling your car in the future, it's crucial that the trunk space isn't damaged beyond repair from moisture.

Trunk mats are tailored based on the car model they are intended for. This means that we at SC Styling can guarantee that the trunk mat you choose will fit your specific vehicle. We only provide mats of the absolute highest quality. The rubber and plastic combination that makes up the material ensures our trunk mats are incredibly strong—so durable that they'll withstand even the most challenging loads and last a long time. If you're unsure which trunk mat to choose? No problem! Contact us at SC Styling, and we'll help you pick the right mat for your car.