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Poppy & Air Freshener

Poppy & Air Freshener

In this cateogory you will find lots of fragrance related products. Popular Poppy fragrances and our own developed LED RGB light plate you use togheter with your poppy. We have also put together ready-made package prices of Poppy fragrance and LED plates. No more smelling in your car, buy a fragrance! Popular fragrances are Poppy Jasmine and Poppy Cherry.

Frequently asked questions about Poppy

What is Poppy?
Poppys are air fresheners from Japan that are made for the home. In the West, poppys were popularized as car air fresheners because of their appearance, strong scent and together with an LED plate they could also serve as an LED decoration.

Do you sell the original or copy of Poppys?
We only sell original Poppy Grace mates made in Japan.

Do you have approved labeling on your Poppys to sell in stores?
Yes all Poppy fragrance we sell are labelled correctly according to the laws and regulations that exist within the EU. There are safety data sheets available for all Poppys.

How long does a Poppy last?
There is no simple answer. It depends of course on how much you choose to have the poppy fully opened or closed. Normal lifespan in the range of 1-4 months.

Do you have the RGB light plates for Poppy with USB or Cigg?
We have developed and produced the RGB poppy plate we sell ourselves and we chose to run it with USB connector instead of the old Cigg model. If you don't have USB in your car or truck you can run an adapter.

What is the most popular Poppy fragrance now in 2022?
Right now we are selling the most of Poppy Jasmine,

Do you have any Pink Poppy?
Well, the closest we have to Pink is Poppy Strawberry, see art no DX10-8008

Can I buy Poppys from you in stores?
Yes you can of course buy all our Poppys in our shop in Uppsala. See opening hours here.
We also have some retailers around the country, you can find them here.

How many Poppys do you have in stock?
We always have thousands of poppy air fresheners in our Uppsala warehouse.
Poppy & Air Freshener

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