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Spacers is an accessory for the car that allows you to change two types of dimensions, bolt circle and hub dimensions. With these spacers you can change the bolt circle or hub dimensions on some car models or just get a cooler and bolder look on your car. There are various spacer dimensions with everything from 5mm up to 40mm, some are easier to mount than others and some have to replace stud bolts or other bolts.


If you want to change the bolt circle, you need to know the bolt circle, hub dimensions and ET on your car today. In some cases you can also change the bolt number, but usually it is to the same number that you already have.


If you have a car with rims mounted with bolts, you can advantageously use these spacers. All you have to do is switch to longer bolts to make it fit. This way you can only change the hub size.

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