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Maxton Design

In this category you will find all possible information regarding Maxton Design and their spoiler parts that we sell and stock in Sweden. SC Styling can proudly call itself one of Sweden's largest retailers of Maxton Design and we are continuously working to analyze which products we should stock here in Sweden.


Maxton Design was founded back in 2004, actually the same year that SC Styling was formed in Sweden. Since 2006, they have only sold products that they themselves manufactured under their own brand "MaxtonDesign". They work a lot with quality and safety, which means that they now TUV approve every product they choose to sell. All manufacturing of spoilers is made of ABS plastic and there is a very good fit on Maxton Design spoiler parts. This is also one of the reasons why we at SC Styling have chosen to focus on Maxton Design spoilers.


We work continuously to publish products from Maxton, but it can sometimes be that there are no parts for your car that you know that Maxton has in its range. We ask you to contact our customer service and we will help you.


Popular products include these car models:


Maxton Design Audi A6 C7
Maxton Design Audi A4 B8

Maxton Design

1474 products

Diffuser (bumper insert) Mercedes W213 E43 AMG / AMG-line

Maxton Design
Addon Splitter Side Skirts Mercedes W213 E43 AMG / AMG-Line

Roofspoiler BMW E91
  • Universal
Universal Add-on splitter Maxton

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Frequently asked questions & answers about Maxton Design


Is it difficult to fit Maxton spoilers?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this, but we always recommend taking the car to a workshop where they have experience in working with cars and body parts.


How is the quality of the Maxton design?

From what we have seen so far of Maxton Design products, the quality and fit is really good. We have been selling Maxton Design products since 2019 and now we are their largest retailer in Sweden.


Is there a long delivery time on Maxton parts?

The answer is divided. We at SC Styling have the ambition to build up a large basic stock in Sweden of the most popular Maxton coil parts to be able to deliver quickly to you as a customer. However, it is necessary to take into account that they have over 3000 unique products in their range so we will not be able to stock everything and Maxton themselves currently have no own ready-made stock of spoilers but produce on order from customers. Here, therefore, there may be slightly longer delivery times.