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Xenon lamps (HID) provide up to four times more bright light than a halogenlamp with the same effect.
Whether you want to upgrade your current xenon lights or convert from halogen to xenon, we have the products for you!
Xenon lights Cars with original xenon normally have a color temperature of 4000K-4300K.
The 4300K ​​is just between yellow and white, while 6000K is white. With us you can buy lamps up to 6500K.
We offer our own xenon lamps as a really affordable alternative to Osram's premium lamps.
Conversion kits Do you think your halogen lamps feel about as effective as going around with candles on the car?
Then it's time to convert xenon! Here you will find both conversion kits and lamps for those who have already converted.
Accessories Adapters, resistors and ballasts you may need when installing conversion kits.

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Osram D1S HID lamps Xenarc original

Osram D1S HID lamps Xenarc original
D1S Osram Xenarc

Xenonkit CanBus HB4/9006
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D2R HID lamps - SC

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