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Here you will find all our accessories to fill your AC all by yourself. This way you will be able to reduce the cost of repairing your car's air conditioning.


1. Make sure of your vehicle's filling quantity, signs can be found in the engine compartment or in your car's owner's manual.

Keep in mind that Frostycool is highly efficient and the fill quantity is only about 35-40% compared to R134a and R12.

2. Locate the low pressure port on your vehicle, located between the compressor and the bulkhead of the thicker pipe. Unscrew the plastic cover that hides the valve. Take out your refill hose with quick connectors, turn the tap counterclockwise so the needle does not puncture the can. Connect the can to the hose, but do not move the tap in this position! Then connect the quick connector to your car's low-pressure port (the quick connector only fits on the low-pressure port so there's no mixing it up).

3. Start the car and set the AC control to maximum and the fan to maximum. Read the pressure gauge scale where you can see the system pressure and if you need to fill the system.

4. To refill, turn the tap clockwise as far as it will go to puncture the can, then turn the tap in the opposite direction to open, you should now feel the refrigerant start to flow into the system and the pressure on the gauge scale rise. Continue to fill the system until the compressor starts and empty the contents of the can. Close the tap at the can.

The pressure gauge should read between 25-45 psi on the scale when the system is full.

At an outside temperature of 20C and the condenser fans are running, the motor is revving 1,500 rpm, the final pressure should be at about 30 psi.

Be careful not to overfill the system at 60 psi, your compressor could be damaged.

5. Measure the air temperature in the car's exhaust, it should now be blowing cold.

Run the ac on max for about 5 minutes, so the system stabilizes and the refrigerant circulates in the system, read the gauge again.

6. Switch off the car, disconnect the quick disconnect, replace the protective cap on the low pressure port.

7. Leak test the vehicle again to make sure everything is tight in your system.

Done! now your car is filled with environmentally friendly gas from Frostycool.

When using FrostyCool A/C Stop Leak or FrostyCool A/C System Sealer, the vehicle should be run for 45 minutes after filling to circulate the refrigerant and sealant and soften o-rings and seal any leaks.

Filling should be performed by a certified professional.


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A/C Adapter Kit

A/C Adapter Kit
Fits most car makes before 1996