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Find out your car's bolt pattern
The bolt pattern on the wheel differs from one car model to another and the bolt pattern is something we often customize on site at SC.
ET/Offset are measurements that describe the depth of the rim, how much the rim goes inward/outward. The higher the measurement, the more the rim goes inwards. In many cases the rim may differ from the pictures as the ET measurement you ordered may differ from the rim's ET measurement in the picture.

We always focus on styling and when it comes to rims, we always have the latest for the season. With us you will find the rims that roll on many of Europe's best looking cars. We have many popular brands such as: JR-Wheels, ABS Wheels and Ocean Wheels.

Changing the look of your car is strongly related to the rims you choose to drive with. We at SC Styling are the largest styling company in Scandinavia and it would be strange if we could not offer our customers the latest trends in wheels and the best brands on the market. We continue to work on our wheel range and expand it with every passing year since our start in 2004. We hope that you will find something you like in one of these wheel subcategories. If you are looking for a complete wheel package, you will find it here.

With us you will find cheap rims from brands like Monaco and Ocean wheels, expensive rims from Brabus and everything in between.

If you are looking for a specific rim, the rim is missing the bolt pattern or the specific size you want, feel free to contact our customer service.

We also have a specific category where we have a clearance sale on rims.


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Complete Wheel Set Of Ocean DTM Anthracite that fits Volvo 940

Ocean Wheels
Complete Wheel Set Of Ocean DTM Anthracite 8,5*18 5/108 Et6

Ocean DTM Gold 8,5*18 5/108 Et6
  • 28%
Complete Wheel Set Of  ABS355 Anthracite

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