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Customised sun visors for your car. Super easy installation that you can do yourself in 10 minutes. The perfect option for those who don't want to install sunscreen, or want to supplement your sunscreen and keep it on even when you roll down the window. Carshades sunscreens are also a cheaper alternative to sunscreen, which can cost twice as much if you leave the installation to a professional.

SC Styling is the official Swedish importer of Carshades which is an award winning company throughout Europe for this great product. The shades are made in the UK, and thanks to the perfect fit, the sunshades mount with the supplied clips in seconds.

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Car shades - Frequently asked questions and answers

What are car shades?

Car shades do exactly what they sound like: they shade the car! This kind is made from a mesh that you attach to the windows.

Why use car shades?

Partly to protect you from distracting light, partly to make your car less hot. They also give a nice tinted look to the windows, even if you have them rolled down.

As the cover is a very fine mesh, an additional benefit is that it prevents bugs from flying into the car.

What is the difference between car shades and window tints?

Window tints are a type of vinyl film that is attached directly to the window, while car shades are attached to the inside of the windowpane. Window tints are slightly more expensive, and are a bit fiddlier to install. Car shades have a different look but have the advantage that you can have a rolled-down window and still be protected.

You can combine window tints and car shades to minimise sunlight in the car, as long as visibility is not obstructed.

Is it difficult to fit car shades? Can you fit them yourself?

Fitting car shades is very easy, and something that you can easily do yourself in a few minutes. First, you hook the cover onto the clips provided, and then you attach it to the car. Fitting a complete kit takes about 10 minutes.

How do you know a set of car shades will fit a car?

Our car shades are model-specific, which means that each kit is specifically designed for a particular model.

How many parts are included in a kit/what windows is a kit for?

This can vary between different makes and models. For a car without rear doors, there are obviously no such shades included. But generally speaking, the side doors and rear windows. Click on the product you are interested in for a complete and accurate list.

Do you have car shades for my model?

Almost certainly! We offer car shades for several different car models such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Volvo, Citroen, Vauxhall, Nissan, Saab, Toyota, Skoda and many more.

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