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Sparco is a prominent company based in Italy, known for manufacturing and supplying high quality and innovative products in motorsport and car safety.


Since its foundation, Sparco has become an icon in the industry and has created a strong brand that is synonymous with performance, safety and style.

The company was founded in the late 1970s by two young enthusiasts, who began by producing racing seats to meet the needs of motorsport athletes. Since then, Sparco has grown to offer a comprehensive product line that includes everything from racing seats and seat belts to racing clothing, footwear and other accessories.


Sparco's products are known for their advanced technology and high quality. The company continuously invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of safety and performance. By working with professional drivers and motorsport teams around the world, Sparco is constantly improving its products to meet the rigorous demands and challenges of motorsport. In addition to its presence in motorsport, Sparco has also developed a wide range of products for the wider market of motor and car enthusiasts. Their high quality racing clothing and accessories have become popular not only with professional drivers but also with styling customers and enthusiasts worldwide.


Sparco's commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond product quality. The company strives to offer a comprehensive customer service experience, with dedicated support and expertise to help customers find the best products for their needs and desires. Sparco a company that has played a significant role in motorsport and automotive safety for over four decades. With its passion for innovation, high quality and customer-oriented service, Sparco continues to be a leader in the industry and a preferred choice among drivers and enthusiasts worldwide.


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