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Terms & conditions

In Het Nederlands

Withdrawal period

We apply a 60-day right of return to stock items where the item remains in the original packaging and has not been assembled. From 13 June 2014, we also apply the right of return of assembled products only if you have regretted your purchase within 14 days of receiving the item. Return of (test) assembled goods entails a return charge. We make a deduction of 25% when we take back products that are custom made especially for your order, e.g. Window tint pre cuts, wheel packages and other products of this kind that are manufactured according to your wishes. These are not covered by the Distance Contracts Act. We do not apply free returns.

Areas of use

Some items in the range are designed for racing and have no approval for travel on public roads. We disclaim all forms of damage that may occur to the vehicle, person or other in connection with installation or use, as well as any negative impact on the vehicle's safety, driving characteristics or warranty scope. Contact SC Styling if in doubt. Some items are delivered including assembly details and others without.


All prices and specifications stated are subject to change without notice. Prices include 25% VAT. Under no circumstances may images be used for commercial use other than with the consent of SC Styling. We reserve the right to ev. printing & price errors on all items in the shop.

Payment method & Delivery

Your item is delivered against the payment method you have chosen at checkout. All fees for shipping and any fees for cash on delivery are visible directly at checkout. Packages that are bulky or have a weight over 20kg are sent as general cargo or packages and announced via email and telephone. We disclaim compensation for delays etc. which has arisen at our freight forwarder or another who is beyond our control.

Any fees and duties for orders in the UK are paid by the customer.

Complaints and returns

We provide a 6-month warranty on our products that can be traced to materials or manufacturing. Unfortunately, when installing Xenon in headlights, the warranty expires as the manufacturers do not approve this procedure. Paint damage due to external damage such as stone chips is not covered by warranty. If a tire breaks due to its dimension not being adapted to the rim, so-called stretch, this is not covered by warranty.

Headlights or other lamps are sent out only after we have approved the complaint. We never reimburse any installation costs by third parties in the event of a complaint about a product. We do not reimburse additional costs from third parties in the event of delayed delivery, such as workshop costs, rent or the like.

In the event of a normal return (right of withdrawal), the product must be in undamaged condition, never used and in original packaging and emballage sent to Scandinavian Car Styling. If the original packaging is missing, we will charge a fee corresponding to 15% of the value of the item. All body parts are delivered unpainted. Items that have been painted will not be returned. We recommend test assembly of parts before painting or modification. Electronic products such as air mass meters and control units, etc. are never returned.

When returning and canceling goods that are manufactured to order, we reserve the right to deduct up to 25% of the product's value, this is due to the product being specifically manufactured or taken home on behalf of the customer.

We can advantageously offer you a shipping note with contract shipping. If you choose to send on your own, the return must be sent as a business package with delivery to Scandinavian Car Styling. If you choose to send with another shipping method, SEK 150 will be charged in addition to any return fee.

We reserve the right to apply an administrative fee of 149SEK or more including VAT for returns. We do this to cover part of all overheads in the form of shipping and handling.

Uncollected packages

If for any reason you do not pick up or collect your package at the delivery point and it is returned to Scandinavian Car Styling AB (SC Styling), we will charge you between 50-150€ depending on the size and weight of the package for shipping and return handling. Our shipping terms do not apply if you do not pick up your package.

Uncollected packages are not covered by the right of withdrawal or 14 days right of return according to the Swedish Consumer Agency's recommendations.


If you cancel an item that has not been sent, a return fee will only be charged if the item was manufactured to order. When returning and canceling goods that are manufactured to order, we reserve the right to deduct up to 25% of the product's value, this is due to the product being specifically manufactured or taken home on behalf of the customer.

Damage during transportation

SC Styling follows Bring's rules for damaged goods. As Bring's warranty does not apply seven days after delivery, it is very important that you observe the following:

  • If the package is damaged when you pick it up, report a damage to your postal agent immediately.
  • Should you discover the damage only when you return home, bring the entire consignment back to the delivery point as soon as possible (but absolutely no later than seven days after the consignment has been triggered) and make a claim report.
  • You can also complain about shipping damage from home via the web.
  • Please also contact our customer service so we know about the problem and in this way can help you with a new product in the best possible way.

Please note that SC Styling does not have the opportunity to compensate you for damage if you do not follow Bring's rules for damaged goods.

Tuning and tuning kits

All tuning kits and products that have to do with the car's engine can affect any factory warranties and insurance. As a consumer, you are responsible for ensuring that the installation is carried out correctly. All warranty matters are handled by the products' manufacturers. Scandinavian Car Styling AB disclaims any errors and problems that may arise in connection with/after an installation of tuning kits and components in the engine compartment.

Tuning kit warranty: Read here for more information -

ABS Wheels:

ABS360 is a patented and registered cone under the brand ABS Luxury Wheels. Patents and Registration Office 2011-11-24 and

About cookies

Scandinavian Car Styling AB informs you here about cookies. According to the Electronic Communications Act of 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website must be informed of what cookies are used for and given the opportunity to refuse such use.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer and contains text information. Cookies are used for certain functions that improve the website for the user. We do not store personal information via cookies, and information about you as a visitor can not be tracked by us via cookies.

Cookies at

We use a type of cookie that saves a file permanently on your computer. The file stores the currency you selected, your customer number (to "remember" who you are when you log in), who you are and what items you have stored in your shopping cart. The shopping cart disappears from memory after you have removed the items from the shopping cart or when you have completed an order.

If you do not accept Scandinavian Car Styling's use of cookies as described above, you can close the browser with the checkbox at the top right. NOTE! If you have set your browser not to allow cookies, will not work properly either. For example, you will not be able to log in or add items to the shopping cart.

We disclaim any errors in articles that may have to do with content and prices. In case of doubt, please contact our customer service.

Use of personal data

Personal information in connection with your order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to complete and provide the service that you can expect from us. All personal data processing takes place in accordance with the GDPR.

The person responsible for personal data is Scandinavian Car Styling AB (corp. No. 556669-1605), also known as SC Styling. SC Styling's customer register contains personal information such as name, social security number, postal address, telephone number, email address and IP number.

The purpose of our processing of collected personal data is to use it to A. Be able to complete purchases on and B. Enable targeted marketing by email, text message and other channels based on your previous purchases or use of SC Stylings channels.

SC Styling will share the personal information to the shipping companies required to be able to complete and deliver an order. If an order is placed for an item that is sent directly from the supplier, SC Styling will send over the information needed to be able to complete and fulfill an order from the supplier.

When you email, call or chat with our customer service, SC Styling handles and stores the personal information that you provide to be able to log in and save history from previous chats. Examples of information that can be requested are: telephone number, first and last name, address, email, social security number, registration number or IP number. These are used to be able to help you as a customer in your customer service business and are saved for a maximum of one year unless a new purchase is made. This extends the time we store your data by another year. If you buy an item that has a warranty period that is longer than one year, the personal information needed to be able to fulfill the warranty agreement is saved.

As a customer, you choose which information you wish to provide in your customer service matter. When you as a customer choose to email to SC Styling, your email address and email history will be saved for up to a year to make it possible and easier to follow up and respond to a case.

No information will be resold to third parties or forwarded to third countries. All processing of personal data takes place in accordance with the GDPR. Responsible for the treatment is Scandinavian Car Styling AB.

We only store personal data for as long as necessary, after which they are deleted. If the data are incomplete, inaccurate or irrelevant you have the right to request the correction or deletion of the data. You also have the right to claim damages if the processing of your personal data has not complied with the law. You can request an excerpt of what information we have registered about you. To request an extract from the register or correction of information, send a written signed request to: Scandinavian Car Styling AB Libro Ringväg 29A 75228, Uppsala Sweden

You can read more about GDPR and how we work with the processing of personal data here: Privacy policy