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Floor mats

In this category you will find car mats that are model-specific for your car model. Use the filter at the bottom to find the right car mat for you. The mats we sell are of the best quality and the fit is identical to the original car mats. Choose between fabric or plastic/rubber models depending on the season. All floor mats are sold in complete sets of 4 unless otherwise stated on the product.

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Floor Mats Fabric Deluxe Seat Leon

Deluxe Textile Floor Mats Audi A4 B8
<- 2007-

  • Gledring
Rubber Floor Mats that fits Volvo V70/XC70
Floor Mats Polestar 2

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Car mats - Frequently asked questions and answers

Will the mats fit my car?

Our mats are custom-made, which means that all you have to do is put them in your car without any modification. The fit is excellent and the mats are stable. There is no need to cut or trim our mats.

Compared to some original mats, your mats are much cheaper. How is the quality?

Our mats are of the highest quality and comparable to any original mats. The prices are low because the manufacturing cost is low. It's great to be able to sell quality products at low prices. It benefits everyone in the end!

What material are the mats made of?

Our car mats are made of fabric, plastic or rubber. Plastic and rubber are best suited for the wetter part of the year as they protect the car floor from mud and water.

How many mats are included in a set?

Generally, four mats are included in a package. One for the driver's side, one for the passenger's side and two for the back seats. The number of mats included should be specified in the product information.

How do I wash the car mats?

If the mats are made of plastic or rubber, the easiest way is to remove them from the car and rinse them with water. Fabric carpets can be vacuumed.

Are your mats fragrance-free?

Unlike some competing brands, our mats are almost completely odourless.