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On this page we have grilles for about 800 unique car models!
At SC Styling we have a large selection of grills for most car models. Replacing your grill is a very easy way to get a completely new look on your car. Your car will have a more aggressive look and will get a lot of eyeballs. Most grills are made of ABS plastic and it is very good quality.

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E46 drs shiny black kidneys

BMW E46 M-Sport drs shiny black kidneys
02-05 (facelift)

  • Nyhet
BMW X3 F25 Glossy Black Kidneys
Glossy Black Sport Performance Grille BMW G20/G21

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Grilles - Frequently asked questions and answers

What is a grille?

A grille on a car masks the air intake to the car's radiator. Often the grille is nicely designed and can be replaced.

Why buy a new grille?

If your grille is broken, you may need to buy a new one. Most commonly you buy a new grille just because you feel like it. It's an easy way to change the look of a car, for example if you want to give it a tougher or cooler look.

What types of grilles are there?

There are all kinds of grilles! For example, styling grilles, kidney grilles and honeycomb grilles.

What is a honeycomb grille?

If a grille is described as 'honeycomb', it means it has a pattern that resembles the honeycomb of a beehive. It looks a bit like a net.

How do you assemble a grille?

It depends on the make and model of your car. On some models, you can simply take out the old grille, and put on the new one. On others, you have to remove the whole front.

What material are your grilles made of?

Most of our grilles are made of plastic or ABS plastic. The product will typically say what it is made of in its description.

Do you have grilles for the Volvo V50?

Yep! Select the make and model in the sorting a higher up on the page. Of course, you can also sort out other cars.